Into the next phase

There’s been a short break since we completed the workshops at St James School in Haslingden.  We’ve collated the various reports on the workshops, and had a number of meetings about how to move on to the next phase of Different Moons, specifically where to go to for financial support – oh, there was also a couple of weeks break in Spain. Very nice. 

Shamshad Khan will continue to be at the heart of that part of Different Moons that is about discovering and remembering stories from within the Asian Heritage communities in Haslingden. Meanwhile Esther and I will be going back to those contacts I’ve made within the community to look at how they can benefit from and support the development of the project. 

One by-product of the Spanish holiday was to see how widely new technologies are used there. Even in fairly out-of-the-way towns with relatively low tourism, QR codes and Layar are used extensively in museums, tourist and cultural settings to provide information and web-links. I was even easily able to find English-language web-pages on the wildlife of Extramadura by walking down to the plaza and scanning in codes from the tourist office window. It all worked easily too – makes me convinced this is the way forward in disseminating the work we do in the project.