Memories and Mehndi

Esther and I met up with Shamshad Khan last week to discuss how we will carry out the next phase of Different Moons. We agreed to continue developing the project together, with Shamshad leading on working with local Asian heritage groups to uncover individual stories, particularly from the period of emigrations to Lancashire, of memories of the journey from the homeland and of first impressions of Rossendale.  We felt it would be useful if she could accompany me to meetings with some of these groups – the existing youth groups, the Islamic Supplementary School, and the women/s sewing group, for example.

One of the young artists – Habiba Shenza – who I met during phase one of the project came to the Boo this weekend, and provided Mehndi, henna painting, for our visitors (see above). The whole period the building was packed with visitors, and Habiba, who came along with her sisters and cousin, was busy for the whole afternoon.