Working on the fountain

Yesterday I travelled back after a couple of weeks holiday in France. On the train I suddenly became very aware that the Different Moons exhibition at the Whitaker, which seemed ages away when I left, is now going to open in only 8 or 9 weeks time! I checked my diary and reminded myself that work on the fountain, which is one of the larger elements that go to make up the exhibition, should start next week. Time enough, but tight in my estimation…especially when there’s so much else to be done.

Today I’m back in the Horse + Bamboo workshop and find that Phil Milston has made amazing progress already! The fountain ‘pool’ area has been made, and we’ve had the decorative side panels laser cut to his design. Phil is now busy assembling the structure – and it’s already beginning to look very special indeed. 

I’m now going through the 700 plus emails in my in-tray. Most – of course – are destined for the Trash folder, but there are plenty from Shamshad Khan who has been working with Habiba Shenza on workshops for the Girls Group led by Lisa Amin on Saturday mornings at Haslingden Library. Plenty of planning work has also been done on sorting a poem for the paper-cuts by Maryam Golbeva, as well as the next round of workshops at the Supplementary School. 

So, all in all, a very pleasant welcome for me after a great break.