The Aawaz in Accrington

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The Different Moons team is delighted that our friends at the Aawaz Project in Accrington, Hyndburn are beginning to host arts workshops (under the name Hum Arts Project) led by Shamshad Khan. The project is being supported by the Arts Council, Super Slow Way, and Horse + Bamboo, and partly inspired by our work in Haslingden. 
The group are planning to organise an exhibition of their work in the coming months. Shamshad has already led creative writing sessions, and Maryam Golubeva has run a number of paper-cutting workshops. We eventually hope that a group from the Hum Project will come and visit our Apna Centre in Haslingden.  
More information can be had from the Aawaz, 225 Blackburn Rd, Accrington BB5 0AL. Tel: 01254 398176. Website: