Calligraphy workshops start

The refurbishment work at the Boo is squeezing us all into smaller and smaller areas of the building, as the workmen spread into the other rooms and theatre spaces. It’s impressive how fast they are working, but it’s having a few repercussions on the Different Moons project. Jessica Royle stayed late on Friday to complete her animation work as the Animation Room gets taken over next week as a door needs to be cut into one of its walls. Jessica will complete the editing in the meeting room which, along with the office and the upstairs toilets, is the only room untouched by the building work!

But fortunately the work outside starts this week, and today Shamshad began the second year of workshops with new sessions at the Rossendale Valley Islamic Supplementary School at Haslingden Community Link. This season we’re introducing calligraphy as a way of extending the poetry and mehndi work of last year. The calligraphy is being led by Farzana Patel (above).