The Different Moons workshop programme is moving forward – the first series of classes with the Rossendale Valley Islamic Supplementary School have been completed, but classes at St. Mary’s Church of England Primary School in Rawtenstall, and with Asian Women at Haslingden Community Link have started this week. On Saturday a new girl’s group will also start at Haslingden Library, learning to make animated films. 

Helping Shamshad and Arry with these classes is Elisa Sarchi (in the photo above), who is working with Horse + Bamboo for three months. Elisa is from Pavia, near Milan in northern Italy, and is part of a traineeship programme funded by Paviasviluppo, enabling trainees to work abroad in cultural and creative areas. She is particularly interested in seeing how the arts are used in developing initiatives in a community setting, as with our Different Moons project.