A Ramadan fountain

Ramadan, and things have slowed down a little, such as in visiting people at their homes and recording interviews, but work on the Different Moons project continues nevertheless. Habiba Shenza has been coming along in the afternoons and is working on her animated film, using Mazhar Hussain‘s story of his voyage by ship to England in the 1950s as its’ starting point. 

Another thing that is being worked on is the fountain. We want to create a traditional Islamic fountain as the centrepiece in the installation at the Whitaker Museum and Art Gallery in November. More, we would love to donate the finished fountain to a local mosque, or another suitable organisation, at the end of the exhibition. 

Phil Milston, who as our Technical Director will be leading on this, has created these visualisations. Phil, in another life, worked on fountain design and installation so we’re fortunate to have an expert to hand. 

We think they look wonderful – so we now need to find a place willing to give a home to a beautiful, contemplative, Islamic inspired fountain. Any ideas!