The Pakistani House

I just had to add this comment and the accompanying image that appeared in Bryan Yorke’s Blog (mentioned in my previous post):
“Saw your “My Memories of Haslingden’s Early Asian Settler’s” this morning and was thrilled to see the house on Lower Lane, which I remember well.  We lived in the row behind (the part of Hud Rake which you can see in your second picture of the house), so I often passed it.  The house became beautiful and exotic looking when they moved in. Yes I agree, around 1958-1959.  I did a sketch of it at the time, then this painting.  This was from when they first came to live here. Was your photo, where the house looks whitewashed, from before or after? Very interesting article.” Heather Holden.

Our thanks to Heather and to Bryan Yorke for permission to copy this and Heather’s fine painting.