A meeting

Yesterday I bumped into my neighbour Nusrat and briefly discussed the Different Moons project with her. Nusrat promised to give some thought to the questions I asked her – perhaps she might know of other groups in Haslingden who would like to be involved? Did she know of any Asian artists in the town?

I also heard back from Shamshad Khan, the poet, who I hope will run some pilot sessions for us at St. James C of E School in Haslingden. Shamshad is from Manchester but has worked in Rochdale for Cartwheel Arts, running poetry workshops in local schools. Shamshad has been unwell, but I hope she recovers soon and we’re able to fix up some dates next month for a pilot project at St James. 

By the end of March, with the experience of a small-scale project behind us, we’ll be able to formulate a detailed and long-term programme for ‘Different Moons’ – oh, and then start the process of fund-raising for it.