A future for the Apna?

The Apna programme has now been planned right through to the first day of November when the rental agreement for the Apna as a pop-up space ends.

There are 44 events being planned during this period, ranging from Guided Walks to Calligraphy Masterclasses; from World Braid workshops to a special Eid Bazaar and Mela.

The activities calendar only went public last Sunday, but already many of the classes have been fully booked. Arry is busy organising the timetable and signing-up participants (above).

When we decided to try a pop-up centre, with a focus on providing activities for local South Asian women, it was very much an experiment. I’m astonished at just how quickly it has proven there to be a need, and how enthusiastic people are about what’s on offer. It’s a great credit to Arry Nessa and her small team of helpers.

Now we’re having to make some calculations and decisions about whether the Apna has a future…