Full Moon

Preparing the artwork that’s going to make up the Different Moons exhibition at the Whitaker (which opens in just over months time) is now everyone’s priority. A lot of this is simply designing the information boards and the graphic displays along with the catalogue. But there’s also a more creative side to it. The poems written by the women as part of their group with Shamshad Khan, and work of the various young people’s groups, are being collated. Maryam Golubeva is working on the paper-cutting. Meanwhile Habiba Shenza is making a five-panel image based on photographs of her mehndi (henna) work.

Today she decorated her mother’s hands so, when brought together, they create the image of a full moon. I went along to photograph this – and the photographs that Habiba will use in her finished panels; the full-moon being the larger central panel of the five.