We are hoping to organise a Different Moons exhibition in November 2014 at the Whitaker Museum and Art Gallery in Rawtenstall – a celebration of the local South Asian heritage community. Our friends at the Whitaker are enthusiastic about the idea, and we now need to raise the funding for the exhibition itself, as well as the events that will lead up to and accompany  it.

I’ve been looking at ways of creating an inspirational space within the Whitaker’s galleries and came to the decision to develop some of the shadow-puppet work we undertake at Horse + Bamboo. The idea is to create lanterns that use islamic pattern forms and project them on the gallery walls, combined with poetry and other writings. 

Then today I came across these photographs of an installation by the US based Pakistan-born artist Anila Quayyum Agha. Called Intersections’ the cube is two metres square, so it’s much larger than anything I had planned, but the effect is so exactly how I imagined the lantern idea. 

Nothing is new under the sun but inspiration is, well, inspiring wherever and whenever you find it.