I met with Habiba Shenza today to discuss ‘Different Moons’. Habiba had been mentioned to me by several of the people I’ve spoken with. I was told that she is a very creative person, and she is clearly into the arts, with a small business in henna art. You can see what she does by going to her Facebook site page – www.facebook.com/ShenzasMehndi (these  photographs are taken from that page). This is interesting as everyone struggles when I ask the question as to whether they know of any artists among the Asian heritage community in Haslingden, beyond suggesting I go see Habiba. 

In Phase Two of Different Moons, I have the idea that we will create short animated film versions of the stories that emerge, and that these will go up on a Different Moons website that can be accessed on YouTube. It could be part of this to bring together artists like Habiba with animators such as Eleanor Mulhearn, to work together on pieces derived from the stories we find. Eleanor is someone I’ve come across recently, a brilliant animator who among other things created the opening title sequence for 24 Hour Party People. I have the feeling that in bringing Eleanor and Habiba together the resulting ‘hennimation’ would work brilliantly….